A Little About Christine Swanberg, Poems to choose from Rockford’s First Official Poet Laureate

If you would like to work with an established poet who knows a variety of poetry styles and strategies, please consider working with me. You can email me at rockfordpoetlaureate@gmail.com.. Here is my general bio. I am Rockford’s first official Poet Laureate.

I enjoy working with older folks and have written chapters in WRITING IN RETIREMENT. Here is a little bio for that.

I love working with women and have chapters written chapters for WOMEN AND POETRY.

  • Here are some samples of a variety of poetry, from free verse to sonnets, to sonnet trios. I believe in the power of poetry for form words magically and that sometimes structure enhances that magic. Each poem “dictates” its own preferences, and I try to listen to what the poem wants. Here are a few varied examples:.

I hope that the selection of poems will entice you and help you find the mentor you have been looking for. I am open to varied styles, themes, and have helped many writers publish in magazines and their own collections. I am a little old-fashioned and not a whiz with technology. Maybe, just maybe, we might kindred spirits.

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