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Preview Christine’s Latest Book, WILD FRUITION: SONNETS, SPELLS, and OTHER INCANTATIONS From Rockford’s First Official Poet Laureate

Poetry grew out of teaching creative writing. I sometimes did the writing assignments with my students and soon discovered that I really wanted to do something more with my writing. I studied the old time classics along with learning about the new and exciting modern poetry that was erupting around the country along with numerous…

These poems and bio I hope will serve as an introduction to what I do with poetry. I believe that poetry can do many things simultaneously: express complex emotions, craft musical lines, create magic with words, create unique ways of saying things. I believe it can be a healing art form as well as expressive. If you google Christine Swanberg Poet, there will be examples of readings aloud as well as radio performances. I mentor adult writers with good success and welcome new clients. I believe that poetry with care to lyrical lines and form can cast a spell.

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