Preview Christine’s Latest Book, WILD FRUITION: SONNETS, SPELLS, and OTHER INCANTATIONS From Rockford’s First Official Poet Laureate

Poetry grew out of teaching creative writing. I sometimes did the writing assignments with my students and soon discovered that I really wanted to do something more with my writing. I studied the old time classics along with learning about the new and exciting modern poetry that was erupting around the country along with numerous writing programs. I sought mentors who helped me a long the way. Finally I came to a point where my “apprenticeship” felt fulfilled and it was time to fly solo. All of this took about 40 years. The themes that arise in my collections cross all boundaries. Sometimes I wish I were the kind of writer whose work is immediately recognizable by style, but I still “play” with form, both traditional and free verse. It seems that the poem itself dictates the shape it prefers. I do not know when I start a poem just where it will go. There is most often a moment of discovery or surprise. For me, that is truly the creative process.

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